Elton L. Roe, Architect

Harrison, Arkansas
(870) 741-3700 (office), (870) 577-3968 (cell)


  • Extensive Experience; over two hundred completed projects spanning four decades of continuous professional service.
  • Diversified Portfolio of projects; includes Commercial, Institutional, Educational, Churches, and Residential.
  • Exceptional Value; Maximum Utility, Durability, and Efficiency while achieving optimum balance of Quality and Economy.
  • Custom Design Services; Reflecting individual Client expressed goals, directives, and budget.
  • Disciplined Creativity; Affordable Building Designs which not only meet needs but exceed expectations.
  • Sustainable Design; Projects are purposefully designed to provide extended useful life and to preclude premature obsolescence.
  • Responsible Use of Renewable Materials and Energy Sources; Conservation of Resources is Standard Design Practice, never an option.
  • Conscientious Business Ethics; guides Client relations and performance of all Architectural Services.
  • Design Philosophy: Quality Design should not be an extra cost burden but an essential element of true economy and value. Architectural beauty is not an applied ornament. It is conceived and birthed out of an aesthetic spiritual union of the visual arts and building technology that serves a viable and useful purpose for mankind and should age with grace and dignity. When we build, it behoves the designer to consider his work’s service life may span not just generations but possibly centuries. Consequently consideration should be given to what heritage we will leave our posterity. Architectural beauty should be systemic, from the inside out, being evident in its purpose and execution. Not all architecture will be monumental, but all should be worthy of the most capable and noble effort on the part of the designer to ensure one’s Work is worthy of its place in the built environment and of its continued use and preservation.