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- Specializing in the design of church facilities with more than one hundred completed projects spanning three decades of service to the Christian community.

- Projects have varied from simple mission type facilities to complex urban church campuses.

- Licensed in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana.
Certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards which enables licensing in all states.

- Firm employs travel by private plane to extend service range by shortening travel time for committee meetings and construction site visits.

- Projects have included Worship Centers, Education, Fellowship, Multipurpose, Administration, and Children and Youth Facilities. In addition, Daycare Facilities, Church Private Schools, and Christian Retirement Facilities are included in our portfolio of church projects.

- Building designs offer exceptional value, maximum space utilization, enhanced functional utility, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

- Design work is responsive to the expressed goals, directives, and budgetary constraints of the individual church client resulting in buildings which not only meet needs but exceed expectations.

- Each project is uniquely expressive of the building program requirements, budgetary constraints, and ministry goals of the church client.

- Individualized attention is given to each project by the working principal of the firm who guides and directs the team of design professionals who perform services with expertise and disciplined attention to every detail.

- Professional competency in church design is well established and is self evident in completed work. Our service record is best attested by our former clientele and we welcome communication with those whom we have served in the past. Many have been repeat clients for multiple building programs.

- Our work embraces "Sustainable Design" in a more meaningful sense than the popular eco-friendly catch phrase. Projects are purpose designed and built to serve multiple generations of Christian families with extended useful life and to preclude premature obsolescence.

- A positive working relationship is fostered and Christian business ethics practiced. Our stewardship is church architecture but our profession is Christ and we do all in His name and to His glory.


    As a design firm having specialized in church planning continuously for more than three decades, we regard our mission as more of a stewardship role than a business entrepreneurship. We passionately perform our services to churches with skills and talents vested in us to help each church client to realize the fullfillment of their building program goals. We find personal reward in the knowledge that we are helping to preserve and promote Christian ethics, morals, and values albeit indirectly through each completed church project. These projects efficiently and effectively provide a conducive environment for the spoken Word, songs of praise and adoration, and petitions of prayers. They provide special spaces which inspire reverent worship, facilitate Christian education and fellowship, and accommodate church ministry programs.

    There is a sense of urgency in America today to openly profess our Christian faith while the liberty to do so is not abridged and the Christian name is not censored and our assemblies are not prohibited. It is apparent that not our government, not our public schools, nor society at large that will help culture and promulgate Christian principles and practices. But, it will be done in spite of these secular institutions and popular opinion. Who else then but our churches will meet this need and how will they accomplish their mission without adequate facilities to meet their needs?

    We regard our service role to churches in facilities planning as a "calling" and perform our duties with accountability not just to the churches we serve but ultimately to the Master Arcitect of the universe in which we occupy but a small corner in His space and a brief moment in His time. We humbly acknowledge that even our best work, most enduring, and monumental will be "burned up" with the rest at His coming. But, we are content to know this body of work will have served a righteous purpose by sheltering and accommodating God's people who "occupy until He comes."


Master Planning: This firm has provided Multi-Phased Master Planning for dozens of church projects with many having called us back to implement subsequent phases after the initial project as they experienced growth. We place high priority on planning for expansion so that order and continuity are evident in multi-phased projects by deliberate design intent.

Programming: Program development is always an essential part of the design process working with the building committee to ascertain requirements and establish priorities. Having worked through this process with scores of churches over decades of service, we have a vast resource of experience and accumulated data from which to draw as we work with new church clients.

Multi-Media Presentations: Our design presentations to Building Committees are typically done with the benefit of powerpoint slides and computer graphics.

Approach to Design and Construction Document Phases: Great emphasis is placed on achieving an optimum balance of quality and economy to maximize the beneficial use of construction budgets for the Owner/User. Good design is not inherently expensive but in fact is an essential element of true economy and value which is characteristic of all of our work. A pragmatic approach is taken to Construction Documents detailing with sensitivity to budgetary constraints. Maximum effort is always utilized to ensure accuracy and completeness of Construction Documents. Progress meetings are held at regular intervals to afford ample opportunity for review, comment, and coordination.

Approach to Construction Phase Services: Submittal reviews are performed timely with thoroughness to ensure construction schedule is not impaired and that products and equipment to be installed comply with specifications. Onsite construction observation visits are performed at regular intervals. A Field Report is compiled after each site visit and is sent to both Owner and Contractor. Every effort is made to ensure project is constructed in compliance with the intent of the Contract Documents. This office will assist in Project Closeout and conduct final inspection with re-inspection(s) as required after "punch list" items have been completed.