Elton L. Roe, Architect

Harrison, Arkansas
(870) 741-3700 (office), (870) 577-3968 (cell)



  • With disciplined creativity meld building program requirements, code restrictions, site considerations, and budgetary constraints into an aesthetically pleasing, functionally efficient, and affordable building design.
  • Conduct Design Progress Meetings with Client to discuss building program, consider options, and review concept drawings.
  • Provide final design presentation drawings both in traditional hard copy color renderings and in digital file format for multi-media viewing and publication.
  • Virtual reality computer generated 3D tours of building exterior and interior help visualization of Project.
  • Master Planning for Future helps establish long range goals and ensures order and continuity for multi-phased projects.


  • Refine building design to ensure Project provides maximum benefit and satisfies Building Program requirements.
  • Select building materials, systems, and equipment to achieve appropriate balance of quality, economy, and efficiency.
  • Coordinate architectural and engineering preliminary design work to ensure organized integration of all design disciplines.


  • Produce thoroughly detailed, fully coordinated Construction Drawings and Specifications for bidding, building permit application, and to guide construction.
  • Conduct progress meetings with Client for review of Drawings and to invite input and participation to ensure satisfaction of building program goals and budgetary constraints.


  • Issue Invitation to Bid to prospective Building Contractors and distribute Plans and Specifications ensuring bidding process is based on accurate and complete information.
  • Receive and review bids. Advise Client and assist in negotiation of Owner-Contractor agreement.


  • Perform Construction Contract administration services to protect Client’s vested interests.
  • Review Contractor’s Work Schedule, Schedule of Values, Insurances, and Bonds.
  • Review Contractors monthly Pay Request and submit certified copy to Client for payment.
  • Review Contractor’s Shop Drawings and other Submittals to determine compliance with intent of Drawings and Specifications.
  • Perform periodic construction Site Visits to determine progress and compliance with Plans and Specifications.
  • Issue a Field Report following each site visit to advise both Contractor and Client of status of Work progress and any non-compliance issues and remedial work required.
  • Make every effort to ensure Project is constructed in compliance with Drawings and Specifications without any unauthorized changes or shortages.
  • Consult with and make recommendations to Client regarding color, material, and product selections to be integrated into the Work.
  • Conduct final inspection and issue a “Punch List” of deficiencies or corrective work required. Re-inspect to determine compliance as required.
  • Recommend Client acceptance of Project and assist in Project closeout.
  • Review Contractor’s final pay request and submit certified approved copy to Client for payment.